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For more informations about Chopped Canada, please call Justin Flood 1514 558-5174

You are more than 6, call us…

Whether it is for a family meeting, a birthday party between friends or a corporate event, it will be our pleasure to make your special event a succes. We offer a personalized service and encourage you to communicate with us to plan any of these events.

1st floor: between 20 and 70 people
according to certain conditions

2nd floor: between 12 and 44 people
For group menus or for more information
Contact Caroline 450 337-1229

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* We do not take reservation for the same day after 3pm. If you want to reserve after that hour, please call us at (450) 337-1229 and we will do as much as possible to get you a table.

* Nous ne prenons aucune réservation par courriel après 3pm le même jour. Si vous désirez réserver après cette heure, appelez-nous (450) 337-1229